Can You Sell Insurance Without a License? Everything you Need to Know!

Insurance is one of the most expensive things people buy yet they can’t see it nor touch it. It’s like selling a great idea and trust with the hint of promise. Moreover, you’re selling promises. A lot of aspiring agents seem to ask questions like can you sell insurance without a license? The straight answer is No.

Therefore, to selling insurance, you need to make people believe in you. People contact you for something important in their lives, so you better make sure you offer the best service possible with the right insurance marketing.

Can you Sell Insurance Without a License?

  1. Have A Consistent Lead Flow 

You need to maintain the lead flow consistency. Make sure you have quality leads flowing. The entire point is having a steady and consistent lead flow in order to become successful in the insurance business. Thus, Open an insurance agency and generate quality leads.

Learn how you can generate quality leads by referring to the strategies of several other insurance companies. How to obtain a license to sell insurance policy? Read further for that. 

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2) Find Common Ground

Regardless of your prospect’s age or background, there’s always something you have in common. Try to find that sweet spot and try building a connection with your clients. As independent insurance, ask questions and figure it out so you can focus on the commonalities and skip over the rest.

3) Relationship Building 

Everything works with a good relationship while selling insurance. An insurance agent near me will help you build the right relation. Knowing your prospect and building trust is extremely important. Take your time to know the person. Build a relationship and you will see the difference.

4) Assume Every Step Before Hand 

From the beginning, assume what your clients are going to say as good insurance agents. While marketing for insurance, list down all the possible questions they might ask you and be prepared with the answers. If you already have a preconceived notion that you are bothering them or that they’ll probably just hang up on you.


Thus, millennials are the largest generation. It is the era of millennials. Tapping this market is the best way to earn money. About 72% of the population in the United States are millennials. Millennials are touted as digital natives. They are known for their technological competencies. Most of their connections are via technology. According to III, selling life insurance under the group policy is more advantageous than buying an individual life insurance policy. Make sure you know their investment priorities before you target them. Only 48% of millennials thought buying a house was a good investment.

Selling insurance has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry. It has become appealing to different generations. However, knowing how to sell insurance can be a lucrative career. You must have the right marketing strategies intact. Sell insurance grows their business by diversifying their product lines. This approach is to ensure you’re training yourself and covering all marketing bases. Therefore, learn to Sell insurance effectively.

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