Do I Need a License to Sell Insurance? Journey of Independent Agent

Looking for a career that offers a wealth of job opportunities, and the feeling of self-employment? While selling insurance remember that it is an opportunity for you to serve clients and enjoy client relationships. Do I need a license to sell insurance? This is the most common question. Obviously, you will need a license. Selling insurance to different age groups is a daunting task. However, different strategies will help you sell it better.

Gen Z will comprise 75% of the workforce, globally. It is very different to know what each generation is looking for. It varies with career choices, spending patterns, investment priorities, and so on. Thus, insurance agents who are trying to sell insurance are looking at the generations as a whole, and coming up with a few strategies to market insurance might work.

Some tips to sell insurance to different generations are discussed briefly.  

Do I Need a License to Sell Insurance to Baby Boomers?


Baby boomers are considered an economically influential generation. With a population of around 75 million, it’s the largest group. The demographically large generation was born between the end of WWII and the mid-1960s.

The best way to sell insurance to baby boomers would be direct selling. Moreover, being straightforward with your approach is the best way to go about selling them. Trust plays a significant role while selling them. Therefore, learn how to gain trust in order to sell them wisely. Knowing how to sell insurance before you embark on this journey is very important.

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Sell Insurance Florida-Generation X

Gen X are typically born between 1965-1980. However, they are the smallest generation. The group only consists of 66 million people. Gen X comprises mostly married people with dependents. Their needs and spending habits depend significantly among other generations. Offer customized products and use different means of marketing to target this generation. Even the media consumption pattern diverse ranging from Internet, print, radio to direct marketing. Open an insurance agency and sell to this generation.

Selling Insurance to Millennials

Millennials are the largest generation. In fact, it is the era of millennials. Therefore, tapping this market is the best way to earn money. About 72% of the population in the United States are millennials. Millennials are touted as digital natives. Moreover, they are known for their technological competencies. Therefore, they lookout for the best cybersecurity insurance and cyber liability insurance. Most of their connections are via technology.

Make sure you know their investment priorities before you target them. Only 48% of millennials thought buying a house was a good investment.

Do I need a license to sell insurance to Generation Z?

According to Investopedia Genz consists of around 20 percent of the population of the United States. This gen is a tech generation. They are quite picky when it comes to choosing the insurance carrier. They value individuality and independence. Gen Z has always had information at its fingertip. Therefore, it is hard to fool them. This generation is very optimistic. They look forward to the future and look out for independent insurance brokerage. Therefore, this young generation wants to explore and learn from their life experiences.

Lastly, selling insurance across generations demands a customized approach. You also need insurance sales agent organizations. You need to figure out what each generation wants. Sell insurance demands the best communication with their clients and the best insurance agent brokerage firm.

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